Requirements For Renting - Required Credentials/deposits

  • Q: What kinds of credentials will I need to present when I pick up my rental? A: At time of rental car pick-up, all drivers must present a valid driver's license and credit card in the renter's name. If you are in possession of a driver's license issued outside the Unites States, you must also present a valid passport in the driver's name. Military personnel must also present a valid military ID and provide their commander's contact information, unit information, and ship/deployment post.
  • Q: Do you require a security deposit to rent a vehicle? A: Yes. A $100 security deposit will be authorized on the credit card provided at the time of rental in addition to the total estimated rental charges. These funds will not be available for your use. At the end of the rental period, the security deposit will be released and only the total rental charges will be billed.
  • Q: Will you accept any other form of identification in lieu of a driver's license? A: No. All renters must present a valid driver's license or the rental will be denied.
  • Q: Will you check my driving record? A: We reserve the right to contact the issuing Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to perform a driver's license verification for primary and additional drivers, before releasing our vehicles.
  • Q: What if I have traffic infractions? A: We reserve the right to deny a rental if a driving history check reveals any citations.

Requirements For Renting - Age Requirements

  • Q: What are the minimum age requirements for renting? A: You must be at least 21 years of age to rent. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis for customers between the ages of 18-21 who are actively serving in the Unites States Military.

Requirements For Renting - Terms

  • Q: What is the Rental Agreement? A: The Rental Agreement is the legally binding contract that details the rental terms you'll be required to agree to and sign before National/Alamo releases a vehicle to you. The content of a Rental Agreement varies based on your rental dates, type of car, location, etc. Always closely review the Rental Agreement when you pick up your vehicle. Our counter agents are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding your rental.
  • Q: Do any special terms or conditions apply to my rental? A: Yes. Since rental terms vary from location to location, it’s always a good idea to read the specific terms and conditions on our online reservation form, or inquire at our location counters. These terms outline most things you'll need to know to rent a vehicle at your specific location.

Reservations – Requirements

  • Q: Is a credit card needed to hold my reservation? A: Providing your credit card information will guarantee the reservation, however a credit card is not required to place a reservation.
  • Q: Will my credit card be charged when I make the reservation online? A: No. We are currently not accepting payments for reservations online. Your credit card will be charged at the counter when you return the vehicle at the end of the rental period.

Payments - General

  • Q: May I prepay for my rental? A: Currently rentals may not be prepaid. At the time of rental, an authorization hold will be secured on the credit card provided, to cover the security deposit and estimated rental charges. These funds will not be available for your use. Your credit card will be charged at the counter on the day the vehicle is returned, at the end of your rental period.
  • Q: May I pay with cash? A: National/Alamo Guam does not accept cash or debit cards as forms of payment. However, if the renter is actively serving in the United States (or allied) Military, debit cards are accepted. Military personnel must present their Military I.D.'s, and the Collision Damage Waiver is required for the rental to be approved.
  • Q: Which credit, charge and debit cards do you accept? A: We accept the following major credit cards: American Express, Discover, JCB/Japan Card, UnionPay, MasterCard, and Visa. Debit and prepaid charge cards are not accepted (see question above).
  • Q: May I use another person's credit card with their permission? A: No. At the time of rental, the renter is required to present a valid driver's license and credit card with his/her name imprinted on it. The name/address on the credit/debit card MUST match the name/address on the driver's license. Credit card information is confidential as well as all renter's information.
  • Q: If I use a non-U.S. credit card, how will my currency be calculated? A: Credit card conversions are fluid, dependent on the market. Please contact your credit card company for the most up-to-date currency conversion details.
  • Q: Why are you quoting me a higher rental rate than the last time I checked prices for the same reservation? A: Car rental pricing is very similar to airfare pricing. Our prices change depending on car availability, location popularity, and many other factors. Unless it's an advertised special offer, there generally isn't one set rate for a particular kind of car, but rather a range of prices depending on the length and dates of your reservation. Even with special offers, the advertised rate usually applies to a limited supply of cars because we have only so many makes and models at each location. When you see a great rate for the car you want, RESERVE IT IMMEDIATELY because it might not be available later!
  • Q: How is my rental rate calculated? A: Your total rental rate is calculated based on the information provided at time of reservation. Your per-day rate can vary depending on the rental location and is dictated by the day of the week you pick up the vehicle, the length of your rental, etc.
  • Q: Is it cheaper to rent on a certain day of the week or time of the month? A: Rental car companies realize a significant portion of their volume during Monday through Friday business travel. So, generally speaking, leisure travelers can find better rates on weekends when the demand for some car types isn't as high. Also, the longer you keep the car, the better per-day price you'll get. Time of month really doesn't matter, but demand increases during holiday periods, so always reserve early.
  • Q: Do you rent cars by the hour? A: All rates are based on a rental period with a minimum of 24 consecutive hours. If you return the vehicle within 24 hours after pick-up, you will still be charged for the full day.
  • Q: What rate will I pay if I choose to return my rental earlier than I originally scheduled? A: National/Alamo's pricing is based on your confirmed length of rental, as you indicated when you booked your reservation. Our rates vary, depending on whether you rent for one day, one week, or one weekend. So, if you return your car earlier or later than your designated return date, it could affect your price in either direction. Typically, the longer your rental period, the more you save on your per-day rate. Therefore, if your original confirmed rate was for a seven-day rental and you decide to return the car after just three days, your per-day price could increase, which could increase your overall rental fee as well.
  • Q: Do you offer long term rentals? A: We offer a long-term rental option for customers who need a vehicle for an extended period of time. A long-term rental constitutes a minimum of 30 consecutive days to a maximum of 330 consecutive days. We require a $100 security deposit/pre-authorization and the first monthly payment at the opening of the contract. The longer the rental, the greater the daily savings. Reserve your car today!
  • Q: May I prepay for my rental online? A: Currently prepaying rentals on the nationalcarpacific.com website is not supported.

Car Rates - Fees

  • Q: Are there any fees if the vehicle is returned late? A: Vehicles are rented on a daily (24-hour) basis. There is a 59 minute grace period for returns. After 60 minutes late, hourly rate charges may apply. After 180 minutes late, full-day charges may apply. There is no grace period for rental fees, surcharges and optional equipment or protections charges. Full-day charges will apply for these items.
  • Q: What if the vehicle is not returned on the date/time agreed upon and the contract was not extended? A: We understand schedules change and we will do our best to work with you in the event your contract is overdue; however, it is the renter's responsibility to call or email us and request an extension. Therefore we reserve the right to repossess our vehicle at any time.
  • Q: Does the cost of the rental include the fuel? A: National/Alamo rates do not include the cost of fuel. We charge $9.99 for refueling and $5.00 per gallon of fuel.
  • Q: Why do you charge so much per gallon to refuel the car? A: The Refueling Charge is intended to motivate customers to refuel the vehicle themselves. We don't have an on-site refueling infrastructure at our locations, so we prefer that renters stop at a local station and refuel the car before returning it. However, customers can always choose not to refuel their rental prior to return, but we will then need to charge a premium for providing this refueling service. There is at least one fueling station within five miles of any of our locations.
  • Q: Why am I being billed for fees and surcharges? A: Most fees and surcharges are mandated for all rental car companies by the local municipality or state/federal authorities. However, some rental car companies do not disclose these surcharges when you reserve your car. We prefer that you are aware of all charges ahead of time-so when you pick up your car, you'll have no surprises. If you have questions regarding surcharges related to your rental, our counter representatives would be happy to discuss them with you.
  • Q: What is the Customer Facility Charge? A: The A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority mandates that all car rental companies collect this fee. The money is used for the future upgrades of the airport facilities.
  • Q: What is the Vehicle Licensing Fee? A: This fee is for National Car Rental's recovery of the proportionate amount of vehicle registration, licensing and related fees applicable to a rental.
  • Q: What is the Airport Access Fee? A: The A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority mandates that all car rental companies require this fee. The money collected is used to pay for the use of the airport facilities.
  • Q: What is the Service Charge? A: This fee is for National Car Rental's recovery of the proportionate amount of maintenance costs related to your rental.
  • Q: What is the Refueling Charge? A: This fee is for National Car Rental's recovery of the proportionate amount of refueling costs in the event the fuel level of a returned vehicle is below full.

Requirements For Renting - Additional Drivers

  • Q: May someone else drive a car that I rent? A: Yes. There is a $10 one-time fee per additional driver, with a limit of three (3) additional drivers per rental. Additional drivers must meet all rental requirements and be present at the rental counter with the primary renter to sign the rental agreement. The additional driver can only be added to the contract at the pick-up location. Any individual not listed in the rental contract as an additional driver may not operate the rental vehicle.

Rental Extras – Coverage/Protection Options

  • Q: Why should I purchase your coverages while I’m renting?? A: Purchasing any one of our coverages provides you with the added peace of mind and assurance that you are protected against auto-to-auto accidents. Before renting, please review the types of coverages that you'll be offered when you reserve online or pick up your vehicle. As with any optional insurance or protection plan, smart renters will want to do some research and consult with your personal individual insurer before purchasing these options with your rental. National/Alamo recommends that you decide whether or not you need coverage before you pick up your car, and if you don't need it, don't buy it.
  • Q: What coverages do you offer? A: Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Supercover/Zero Deductible Coverage (ZDC), and Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)
  • Q: Are your optional protections really necessary? A: National/Alamo offers various types of optional protections to protect you and your rental car. Before renting, we encourage you to speak to your insurance agent or insurer to make sure you have coverage and that you are fully protected. That will help minimize your time at the rental counter, and help give you peace of mind that you are making the right optional protection choices. Learn more about the types of coverages that you'll be offered when you reserve online or pick up your vehicle.
  • Q: Am I required to purchase your coverage?
    A: No, but you are responsible for the vehicle in the event of damage. You should check with your respective insurance company to see if you have ample coverage while renting a vehicle. In the event you do not have proper coverage, National/Alamo sells a variety of protection coverages for your rental. Learn more about the types of coverages that you'll be offered when you reserve online or pick up your vehicle. United States military personnel renting for their personal use–and making payment with a debit/signature card–are required to purchase Collision Damage Waiver. If the renter is using a major credit card, Collision Damage Waiver is optional.
  • Q: Does my own insurance protect me in the event of an accident?
    A: Given the vast number of insurers and policies, it is extremely difficult for us to know which entitlements accompany your given policy. We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance company to verify your coverages before renting a car. In the event you do not have proper protection, National/Alamo sells a variety of protection coverages for your rental. Learn more about the types of coverages that you'll be offered when you reserve online or pick up your vehicle. Keep in mind, that if you don’t purchase any of our coverages renters are responsible for all vehicle damages and losses, regardless of fault.
  • Q: Should I purchase coverage for my National/Alamo vehicle from a travel package Web site?
    A: Many companies that sell online travel packages (airline, rental cars and hotels) offer insurance protections that claim to cover rental cars. Before purchasing, always check your personal insurance first to see if you're covered for damage to a rental car, and whether your policy protects you. If you have rental car coverage through your personal insurance or credit card, you might not need the coverage that online travel package companies offer. Sometimes, however, your personal insurance or some of those packages might not protect you entirely for loss or damage to a rental vehicle. Remember, if the insurance doesn't completely cover your loss, you will remain personally responsible for any difference! You may also consider National/Alamo's optional Zero Deductible Coverage (ZDC) in conjunction with the CDW because it reduces your financial liability for loss or damage to the rental car in an auto-to-auto accident for as long as you rent the vehicle under the terms of the National/Alamo rental agreement. With ZDC, in the unlikely event of an accident, you won't have to pay a deductible or involve your personal insurance carrier.

Reservations – Changing or Viewing

  • Q: How can I view my reservation on nationalcarpacific.com? A: Currently viewing reservations on the nationalcarpacific.com website is not supported; however, we are working to launch this functionality very soon.
  • Q: How do I change my existing reservation?
    A: For Guam reservations, please call 671-649-0110 (open 24 hours) or email guam(natcar)nationalcarpacific.com.
    A: For Saipan reservations, please call 670-288-4400 or email saipan(natcar)nationalcarpacific.com.
  • Q: If I book a National/Alamo car through a travel agent or an online booking service, can I change it on the National/Alamo website? A: The travel agency or online booking agent usually owns and exclusively operates their reservation system or files, so it would be impossible for us to access and amend reservations processed by those parties. Your best option would be to contact the original entity that booked your car rental to revise or cancel your reservation. Then, if you wish to book a brand new reservation on nationalcarpacific.com, we would be happy to assist you.

Reservations – Canceling

  • Q: What is your cancellation policy? A: We request that all cancellations be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled pickup date & time.
  • Q: How do I cancel my reservation if I made it through a travel agent or online booking agent:? A: The travel agency or online booking agent "owns" any reservation you originally made with them, so their reservation cancellation processes and policies apply.

Rental Services - Pick-up And Drop-off

  • Q: Do you deliver vehicles? A: No. We do not deliver vehicles to hotels or other off-location sites.
  • Q: Do you offer a pick-up service?
    A: Yes! We offer a pick-up service for customers staying in all major Tumon hotels who are in need of transportation to our rental facilities. Pick-up service (hours of availability, pick-up and drop-off areas, etc.) varies by location, so it's important that you call the location and make arrangements for pick-up at least 24 hours before your desired rental time. When you call the location, be ready to provide all applicable information including precise address, room number, guest name, exact time of pick up, and a phone number where you can be reached at that time. Location phone numbers are listed on your reservation confirmation or on the "Locations" page of our website (nationalcarpacific.com). Please note that our off-airport National/Alamo locations cannot pick you up at the airport. In this case, either you must rent your car at the airport location, or provide your own transportation to the off-airport location where you prefer to rent.

Rental Services – Emerald Club

  • Q: Does National/Alamo Guam participate in the Emerald Club program? A: Unfortunately, we do not currently participate in the Emerald Club program, and Emerald Club points do not apply to our Guam due to its international status. For further information, please contact our airport location at 671-649-0110 (open 24 hours) or Emerald Club Member Services at 1.800.962.7070, Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm EST.

Car Rates – Deals, Discounts And Rewards

  • Q: I responded to an advertised offer but the car wasn’t available. So, why did you offer the special rate? A: Every location has a limited inventory of each type of car. Some cars and locations are more popular than others and they sell out quickly–especially when there are low rates on a busy rental date. Try another pick-up time if your travel dates are flexible. Then when you see the car you want at a great rate, your best bet is to reserve it immediately before someone else does.
  • Q: How can I get the very best car rental deals? A: You’ve come to the right place–nationalcarpacific.com. Start by searching here. The more flexibility you have in your rental dates, the more you can save. Taking advantage of low car rental rates is a lot like finding low airfares. Your price depends on when you travel and for how long. When you find a great rate, book it fast before someone else does. The best rental car rates are usually offered on weekends, especially when you stay over on a Saturday night–and the longer you keep your car, the better daily rate you can get.
  • Q: Do you offer airline, hotel or other travel discounts? A: Yes we do! Click here to view our specials. Some restrictions may apply. See offer details for more information.
  • Q: Can I earn frequent flyer miles when I rent with National/Alamo? A: Yes, however there may be some instances where you may not be eligible. For example, any discounted rates or packaged offers included in your contract will disqualify the rental for earning miles or credits. Also some Corporate Accounts may not allow for earning frequent flyer miles or hotel credits. In other words, a customer must purchase a vehicle at our regular car rental rate in order to qualify for earning frequent flyer miles. Our rental agents will be happy to discuss the options available to you at the counter.

Cars – Availability

  • Q: What types of vehicles do you offer? A: We take pride in our diverse fleet. Click here to view possible rental vehicles.
  • Q: May I reserve a specific make/model car? A: Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee a specific make and model.
  • Q: Does National/Alamo have 4-wheel drive vehicles? A: Yes. Some of our SUV’s have 4-wheel drive. However, we cannot guarantee a specific make and model. Also, please note that off-roading in any of our rental vehicles is prohibited.

Cars - Permissible Usage

  • Q: Can I change where I return a vehicle after I've picked it up? A: Yes, but you'll need to let us know in advance and additional fees will apply. To make a modification to the return location after you have signed the rental agreement and have taken possession of the vehicle, please contact a National/Alamo rental agent at your original pick-up location and we will be happy to assist you.
  • Q: May I extend my rental beyond the original return date?
    Yes, but if you wish to extend any rental, you must contact a National/Alamo rental agent at any of our locations and we will be happy to accommodate your request. Please note your original rental rate may no longer be available or an extension may not be possible. Your rental agent will provide the details when you call. We understand schedules change and we will do our best to work with you in the event your contract is overdue, however, it is the renter's responsibility to call or email us and request an extension. Therefore we reserve the right to repossess our vehicle at any time. Also, if you choose not to return the car on or before your originally scheduled return date, we will place an additional hold on your credit card to cover any additional expected rental charges. These holds will be released upon return of the vehicle, and only the actual cost of the rental will be charged.
  • Q: May I return the car to a National/Alamo location if it's temporarily closed? A: We highly discourage renters to return a vehicle when a location is closed. If a renter returns a car to a closed National/Alamo location, they are still responsible for any damage or loss of the car and all charges stated on the rental document as a periodic rate will continue to accrue until the return location reopens and we retake physical possession of the car. If we do not find the car when that location reopens, your responsibility for all charges and for damage to or loss of the car will continue until the car is actually returned or recovered and possession is returned to us.
  • Q: What if I don't return my car on the designated return time or day?
    A: Vehicles are rented on a daily (24-hour) basis. There is a 59 minute grace period for returns. After 60 minutes late, hourly car rate charges may apply. After three hours, a full-day rate may be charged. There is no grace period for rental fees, surcharges and optional equipment or protections charges. Full-day charges will apply for these items. Also, if you choose not to return the car on or before your originally scheduled return date, we will place an additional hold on your credit card to cover any additional expected rental charges. These holds will be released upon return of the vehicle, and only the actual cost of the rental will be charged.
  • Q: May I take the vehicle off the island in which I'm renting? A: No. Transporting the rental vehicle off the island from which it was rented is prohibited. Doing so violates the rental agreement and, unless prohibited by law, you may be held responsible for the total cost of replacing the vehicle.
  • Q: Can I rent a car to take a driving test? A: No. All renters must present a valid driver's license or the rental will be denied.
  • Q: May I use a National/Alamo car to tow? A: No. Towing is never permitted. Doing so could irreparably damage the rental vehicle.
  • Q: Is smoking permitted in rental cars? A: No. National/Alamo maintains a 100% smoke-free fleet and any type of smoking (pipe, cigarette, cigar, etc.) is prohibited in all National/Alamo vehicles. Just as renters are assessed a fee for cleaning the car's interior for excessive stains, dirt or soiling attributable to the renter's use, customers will be assessed an additional charge if the car smells of smoke when it is returned.
  • Q: Do you permit pets in the rental car? A: Housebroken pets are invited to travel in your rental car, just as they do in your personal car. Although National/Alamo doesn't assess an extra fee for pets, pet owners will incur an additional charge for any damage caused by animals, or any special cleaning required as a result of shedding or accidents.
  • Q: What is your car rental policy for disabled renters who travel with service animals? A: National/Alamo embraces and supports our disabled customers, and service animals are permitted. In most cases, we will waive the cleaning fee if stains or other soiling is attributable to a service animal. However, if the vehicle is returned with more than a tolerable amount of animal hair, dirt, etc., we may elect to impose a cleaning fee.

Cars – Operational Issues

  • Q: Will my own insurance cover the damage to a National/Alamo car? A: Please check with your personal auto insurance company to confirm whether your policy will cover any or all damage to the car. In addition, you may have coverage available to you through your credit card company. You should contact your insurance company and/or credit card company to confirm what coverage, if any, is available for rental cars before renting any vehicle. Only then will you be able to make an informed decision whether to accept our optional coverages.
  • Q: What should I do if I have problems with my car?
    A: Before you start driving, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the vehicle's equipment and operation, including heat and A/C, radio, lights, windshield wipers, spare tire, seat belts, door locks, gas tank access, etc. Trying to figure out these things while driving can be dangerous. Don’t wait until the fuel warning light goes on to buy gas, especially if you don’t know how far it is between gas stations. If, in the unlikely event that an emergency light illuminates on your control panel, don’t ignore it. Use good judgment about whether you can get back to our location safely and don’t hesitate to call our 24-hour airport location at 649-0110 if you have questions or need assistance. If, in the unlikely event that your car malfunctions on a major thoroughfare, ensure that you are in a safe area away from traffic, lock the doors, turn on the hazard lights and, if you have a cell phone, call the police or contact our 24-hour airport location at 649-0110. Do not leave your vehicle. Wait in the car for service or the police to arrive. Accepting help from strangers, no matter how well intended, is not a good idea unless you can’t call for help and they can. Depending on your coverage, you may be responsible for any and/or all damage to the rental vehicle (regardless of fault) resulting from causes including but not limited to collision, rollover, vandalism, theft, seizure, and flood, fire, hail, or other acts of God.
  • Q: What should I do if I'm involved in an accident or the car is damaged during my rental? A: Auto accidents are not something we like to think about, but they can and do happen, even to the most careful drivers. When an accident occurs, first ensure that you are in a safe area away from traffic. Next, contact local police (by dialing 911) and our Airport location (671-649-0110) to complete an accident report. If another party is involved in the accident, please ensure that the other party's contact information is included in the accident report and kept for your personal reference because that information will be required to complete a National/Alamo accident report. Remember, you must contact both the police and our rental agent.
  • Q: What if I am not at fault for the accident/damage? A: Ensure that you get the other party's contact information so we may pursue them and/or their insurance company on your behalf for damages. Please note that our pursuit of the other party does not absolve you from your contractual obligation to pay for the damage, depending on your coverage or lack thereof. You must still contact the police at 911 to acquire the police report number and our 24-hour airport location at 671-649-0110 to complete our accident report.
  • Q: What if I incur damage to the National/Alamo vehicle while I am renting under my company's rental account?
    A: Please inform us as soon as possible regarding any damages (671-649-0110). Note, Guam is considered International (not domestic), therefore we need to contact National/Alamo regarding each corporate account. You must complete an accident/incident report, fax/email/deliver it along with any accident reports from local or state authorities to the National/Alamo Guam corporate office, and notify your employer that the rental vehicle was damaged. Ask your employer if you need to file a claim with your personal insurance, corporate credit card insurance or whether there is coverage offered through your employer's insurance. If applicable, National/Alamo will contact your employer to verify that you are eligible for the corporate damage waiver coverage. If National/Alamo does not receive a response from your employer, you will be billed and held responsible for the vehicle damage.
  • Q: How can I obtain a National/Alamo Accident/Incident Report Form? You can download the form here. Please maintain a copy of your completed Accident/Incident Report for future reference.
  • Q: After I filed my claim, I discovered that I will be charged a Loss of Use Fee and an Administrative Fee, Why?
    Loss of Use – As a renter, you are contractually liable for the loss of the specific vehicle you rented, per the terms and conditions of the rental contract. When a National/Alamo car is unavailable to be rented, National/Alamo is entitled to be compensated for that loss. Administrative Fee – National/Alamo is not an insurance company. We are self–insured, and the expense of processing our claims is passed on only to the responsible parties involved. We are legally entitled to have the damaged vehicle repaired and returned to pre–accident condition, which includes any expenses related to administering a claim.
  • Q: Who is responsible for parking, tolls and moving traffic violations? You are responsible for payment of any parking, toll and moving traffic violations along with a reasonable administrative fee, so please drive safely and observe all ordinances. Payments for these violations may be processed by a designated agent for this purpose.

Cars – Locations

  • Q: Where are your locations?
    A: You can find information on all our locations here.
  • Q: How do I determine the business hours of a particular National/Alamo location? A: Go to our "Locations" page. There you'll find hours of operation and contact information for all our locations in Guam and Saipan.
  • Q: Can I pick up at one location and return at another? A: Yes. Simply select the option that you would like to return the vehicle to a different location, choose the location, and you are all set. There is a small fee for this convenience.
  • Q: How can I get driving directions or a map for a particular National/Alamo location? A: Go to our “Locations” page. There you'll find addresses, a map, and driving directions for all our locations.

Rental Extras – Accessories

  • Q: Can you guarantee availability of accessories? A: If your reservation is made 48 hours prior to pick up, we guarantee availability of child safety seats. We are not, however, able to guarantee availability of GPS and assistive devices.

Rental Extras – Navigational Devices

  • Q: What if I misplace or damage the portable GPS device? A: In the event any GPS systems are damaged, stolen, or misplaced, they will need to be paid for in full by the renter.
  • Q: May I leave my portable GPS in my rental car? A: You should always be cautious. It's best to take your portable GPS and other small electronics and accessories with you when leaving the car. If you cannot take them with you, store valuables in the glove compartment or trunk. Always double check to be sure the rental car is locked!

Rental Extras – Child Safety

  • Q: What's the difference between an infant seat, toddler safety seat, and child booster seat? A: National/Alamo uses convertible child safety seats that serve as an infant (5–20 pounds) restraint in a rear-facing configuration or as a toddler (20–40 pounds) restraint in a forward-facing configuration. We also offer booster seats for youngsters weighing between 40 and 80 pounds. Seats can vary in model and style, so please contact the rental location in advance if you have specific questions.
  • Q: Will the child safety seats I reserved be pre-installed in my rental vehicle before pickup? A: No. Due to liability issues, National/Alamo personnel are not permitted to install child safety seats into vehicles for customers. However, upon request, National/Alamo will provide written instructions on proper installation. Other questions regarding installation should be addressed directly to the rental location.
  • Q: Is my child safety seat guaranteed to be there at time of arrival? A: If your reservation is made 48 hours prior to pick up, we guarantee availability of child safety seats. If a reservation is made with less than 48 hours till the time of pick-up, your request will be noted on the reservation, but availability is not guaranteed.

Rental Services - Disability Services

  • Q: Do you offer vehicles for drivers with disabilities?
    A: As part of National/Alamo’s commitment to meet the needs of customers with disabilities, hand controls may be included with your rental, at no additional cost. Please note, however, that although our locations carry these items as part of their regular inventory, demand can vary. We cannot provide hand controls for every make or model of vehicle in our fleet, and we cannot confirm a reservation for a particular make or model of vehicle on any rental requiring assistive devices. Customers with disabilities–or their drivers–are encouraged to reserve assistive devices at least 48 hours prior to pick-up.
  • Q: Can someone else drive a vehicle rented by a driver with a disability? A: Drivers for renters with disabilities must have a valid driver's license, meet all driver qualifications in effect at the location, and accompany the renter with a disability to the National/Alamo location at time of rental.
  • Q: Do you offer wheelchair-accessible vehicles?
    A: We do not currently have a wheelchair-accessible vehicle in our fleet. Please email us with your needs at reservations(natcar)nationalcarpacific.com and we will be happy to discuss other options with you.

Rental Services – Post Rental

  • Q: How can I get a copy of my receipt or rental agreement from my recent rental?
    Please call the location you booked a vehicle from or email us at reservations(natcar)nationalcarpacific.com
  • Q: Does National/Alamo have a Lost and Found department?
    Each year the National/Alamo team finds dozens of cell phones, CDs, sunglasses and other personal items in our vehicles, and in our rental locations. If you've left a personal item behind, please be sure to call that same National/Alamo location at the phone number listed on your rental agreement or find your location phone number. Renters are responsible for their own personal items, and we highly recommend that you report any lost belongings at your earliest convenience. While we can’t promise the return of lost items, we'll do our best to help you. However please note that we are not liable for any items lost in a rental vehicle or at one of our locations.
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